Remembering Paris

Hello friends, I have another sweet painting featuring Frau Süß for you.  It’s little toned down compared to the last one but Frau Süß also has her contemplative moments.

Frau Süß just loves to shop – as you might guess she must always look her best and that’s why she purchased the most perfect red dress for Thanksgiving. Of course, she needed a matching handbag for the occasion. “Perfection is in the details” is one of her mottos. The quest for the perfect accessory is the origin for how this painting came to be.

In this painting we see Frau Süß the morning after accidentally meeting up with her dear friend Jackie, where they drank the night away gossiping about fashion, men and Paris. They just happened to be reaching for the same golden clutch (Frau Süß only surrounds herself with friends that have good taste!) and after laughing about the funny coincidence decided to go out for drinks. One glass of bubbly led to another, which led to a bottle, and so the night turned long. They had fun remembering their last trip to Paris when, seeing the Eiffel Tower all lit up made their stomachs flutter wildly with excitement. Jackie loved the romance and fashion while Frau Süß, missed the desserts and the art. After the champagne soaked night, Frau Süß was left with the nostalgia for travel and a small headache. For now a chocolate croissant and a café au lait in bed would have to satisfy her craving for trying delicious treats in foreign places. The sweet and flakey croissant was just as sweet as the memories with her dear friend.

Which foods bring back memories of a place for you?

In other news – an announcement:

I will be taking part in ‘Home Is Where My Art Is’ art Market in Neu Isenburg on Dec. 7 and 8th. If you would love to see and buy some handmade and creative products come and visit us. There will be all kinds of talented people selling their goodies – jewelry, hats, ceramics, monsters and of course ART! I will be selling my original artwork, and prints. You can also check out the Christmas market while you are there. So if you are in the area come on by – I would love to meet you.


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  1. Jackie

    I love this story!!! 😀 It made me miss Paris so bad! It’s so cool how we do make connections to foods and places. I have quite a few foods that remind me of my favorite places. Limes instantly make me think of Mexico, chocolate covered marshmallows take me back to Switzerland, pasta arrabiata makes me think of my trip to Lake Como… The best part of having those foods again here in the US is that they bring back all the good memories of that place and time. 😀

    Congrats on your first art fair!! I’m so excited for you and I know it’ll be great. Xoxo

  2. Yummy

    I really like your character. She obviously has good taste. Her style makes me want to get to know her cuz she seems like a lot of fun! Can’t wait to see the next chapter. Hmmm I wonder if she likes chocolate bon bons?
    P.s. Wish you great success at the fair.

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