My Process

About the process behind the inspiration – making my ideas a reality.

I start with assembling all the necessary tools to start getting my canvas ready. Then I fit the wooden frame together before the stretching process.


Having measured my canvas to the right size, I cut it and then start stapling and stretching it over the frame – a process that can be rough on the hands, but for you it’s totally worth it.


With my canvases are stretched and ready I add multiple coats of gesso to make my canvas tight like a drum and smooth for painting on.


When the gesso is dry I sketch out my idea and start the painting process which is the most fun part! This is when the excitement begins – endless possibilities, endless color combinations and I can do whatever I want.


Once my painting is all done and I am completely sure I don’t want to make any changes I add a final varnish layer which gives the painting protection from dust and UV light. Not only that but it also makes it look so beautiful – it’s like the icing on the cake. The extra shine just enhances the colors and makes them appear more intense.


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