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I hope you’ve been enjoying your summer! I have but it’s just been so hot in Frankfurt. Painting while sweaty is just no fun!

I have to confess I was in a bit of a slump for a bit, not knowing what to work on next and just feeling kind of artistically lost. To help get rid of this yucky feeling I had an idea, why not try and do one small painting in a day every so often – just to get a flow going? What would I paint though? I toyed with the idea for a while and realized that my thoughts always somehow came back to the subject of food haha! I decided to do little food still lives. So I purchased some small canvas boards and used what I had in my fridge that first day. I scrounged together a nectarine, some walnuts and a date for my first paintsnack.


It was indeed a challenge for me! I am not one to paint fast, and I initially intended to try to get it done within an hour. This time pressure made me so aware of the time and I felt rushed. Oh man, one hour went by, then another and then another but in the end I was so happy because I had done it within the day. Go me!!! Usually I need much much longer to complete a painting and don’t let size fool you because it’s all about the details. Those are the time suckers – small does not mean less work! Before the next painting I made a little trip to the fruit and veggie market down the street and suddenly felt inspired by all the produce there. I bought the most pretty red apples and some fuzzy orange apricots. Was the produce always this beautiful? I was already excited before I had even started to paint! This was a good sign.


During my second try I still had a hard time but I was much happier about the outcome. By the third time I had a revelation, I was painting away and really enjoying myself but still getting mad at myself for not being faster and after a while I thought – “Cindy, you are having fun! Who cares how long you spend on this? Just keep having fun”. I realized – yes! This is what it’s all about, this is why I do this, because it is fun! That apple was just so perfect with all it’s shades of red and I wanted to dive into the scene and paint it as I saw it, buzzing with life and color. So I did – guilt free and it is my favorite so far.


I still try to limit my time but I don’t get angry about how long I need. My new criteria is to just get it done in one day. To get done faster I just have to learn to let some things go. Not everything has to be perfect but sometimes I just can’t stop until it feels right. I guess that  is what this exercise is about for me – compromise. The compromise between finding out what I am willing to let go of and what matters enough to keep working on until it is perfect in my eyes. I am so happy to have found total happiness in painting again. By going back to basics, I find myself thrilled with the prospect of cherries and blue, just pure blue because you know what? Blue is frickin’ exciting that’s why!


p.s. You can follow my progress on Facebook and Instagram under #paintsnack  Why Paintsnack? Because my bite size paintings feature small, yummy snacks!

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    Hi Cindy!
    I love your new art! My favorite is the cherry bowl maybe because of the bowl. I love decorating with white or maybe because of the blue. I agree blue is frickin’ exciting. Keep having fun!

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