Done with waiting

I have exciting news – my painting is finished! This painting was definitely a test for me. It started out with a lot of enthusiasm but maybe a bit too much. I intended it to be a quick painting but well into it I realized that because of my hastiness so much of it was off.

Instead of throwing it out of the window like I wanted to, I made myself start over. I let the image guide me and many days later this is the result – Waiting. Although I wanted to be speedy, this painting would just not let me. As I told you last time, these paintings sometimes have a mind of their own but in the end we became friends after all.

[cml_media_alt id='953']Waiting[/cml_media_alt]
I decided to title this painting Waiting because my idea behind it was to paint a snapshot of a woman in a moment of idleness just waiting around, no big deal but as I was painting it got deeper. I caught myself wondering, what is she waiting for or for who? What is going to happen next? Then while painting the beads I had to remember when I was a young girl in church and would watch the older ladies in the pew in front me holding their rosaries with these same kinds of beads. Then I wondered if my painting was showing me a silent unknown prayer or wish. Maybe it was?

This painting process was a nice unexpected surprise for me. It made me  meditate about how things are only as important as we make them. To some this will just be a painting on the wall and to some it is a painting of a woman and maybe to others is a painting about a woman waiting for her prayer to be answered – maybe it’s you. It’s so exciting to let art take us on this kind of journey and discover ourselves in it.

For those who see more than just a painting on the wall I can tell you it is definitely about waiting but what she is waiting for I cannot yet say for sure. What do you think she is waiting for?

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  1. I love how you describe your process with this piece. And like you I see so much more in her than just a painting of a woman. Also, in a way it makes sense that this was not a quick piece – it would not fit the title, right? 😉
    I also over and over again realize how me “wanting” only hurts whichever piece I am working on. Once I let go and just go with what happens … it is much more relaxed. Yes, that may mean that a piece takes months to finish, even though I had wanted to do it in a couple of days. But I suppose in the end it does not mattter as long as you like the result!


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