Director’s Cut Exhibit – Save the date +++ UPDATE +++!

Hello followers! So you’ve all probably been wondering, where on earth has Cynthia gone? Has she given up on art and decided to join the circus? Has she been so engrossed with her art to the point of total isolation from the rest of the world? It’s mostly the latter, well almost…

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You see, I have some super terrific amazing news! I have been diligently working the last few months on a very exciting new project. Yours truly will be showcasing artwork in a group exhibit entitled, Director’s Cut at the Dream Factory Pop Art Gallery!!! This exhibit will display my paintings of various film scenes that question the roles of women in society. Each painting portrays women from cinema and evokes some sort of emotion that  invites the viewer to ask themselves questions about how they perceive and perhaps identify with these women. I had fun searching for these movie “snapshots” that through the process of examining and painting brought up questions of identity, escapism, envy and mistaken belief.

The show runs for one month starting from July 15th . I would love it if you could attend and share your thoughts about my artwork with me. This has been such an eye-opening and emotional journey for me and I can’t wait to share it with you all!

[cml_media_alt id='1407']CynthiaKatz_VicariousThrill_600px[/cml_media_alt]By the way, here is a sneak-peak of one of my leading ladies. Don’t forget to check out my Instagram (@cynthiakatzfineart) to get a taste of what’s to come!

Find it here the gallery here:

The Dream Factory
Muehlgasse 1 – 3
60486 Frankfurt

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