Anticipating Christmas

Is everyone getting into the Christmas spirit? I’ve already had the chance to visit the Frankfurt Christmas market twice – lucky me! I just love the atmosphere there, especially at night. Lights, gingerbread hearts, the carousel and of course Glühwein (German mulled wine),  always make the holidays a bit more festive. Here is a snapshot of my time at the Christmas market.

[cml_media_alt id='1031']CynthiaKatz_Anticipation[/cml_media_alt]

Christmas never tasted so good

My little cousin Sophia was one of my Christmas market companions and I got ride to the carousel thee times with her, how cool is that? I thought this image of her trying cotton candy for the first time captured the excitement of Christmas and the Christmas market. I loved the idea of painting someone trying something new for the first time – somehow a moment so full of anticipation. What better emotion to help capture the joy of the holidays – especially for children?

I almost forgot to share the finished portrait I last completed. It’s called Waiting at the Minibar and it is finally done. I hope you are enjoying this time before the holidays! Now on the to the Christmas present list …

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    • Funny you say that because Steffen and I also realized that today. That was unintentional but a plus now in my book 😀

  1. Christa

    Reduced but full of emotion. And so many details. I love it. These two are my new favorits.

  2. Linda

    These are amazing Cindy!
    I especially love how you’ve captured the moment when Sophia is taking in the maximum bite of cotton candy. We know she is about to experience that wonderfully sweet thrill!
    Lovely, Beautiful, Relatable….I’m touched!

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